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Aungkul Aungkulwattanachai

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I enjoy solving problem and make sure that user will get the wonderful experience. I then found myself having great interest in user experience especially for conversation design.

In college I majored in Software Engineer, Therefore I have a basic understanding about programming. Then, I have learnt about User Experience which emphasizes good products is user centered. Steve Jobs once said: โ€œDesign is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.โ€

In the meantime, I am working at TISCO Financial Group. I love to learn new thing which helps me to have better perspective in user experience.


2021 - 2019

Customer Experience Designer

I have a chance to contribute into run the design sprint workshop across the organisation to create awareness of User-Centric Design for all the Business Unit. Moreover , I also conduct the Conversation Design across the bank and develop chatbot for both B2B2C & B2C Business.

2018 - 2019

Digital Product Development & Partnership

I have a chance to study plenty start-up technology that related to the bank business. Therefore , we can invest on that start up and to drive the Business Value to the Bank

2017 - 2018

Design and Implement Mobile App

When I was study , I create to mock up the design for mobile application and also develop the website for MEDVATIC.


Product Management

Product Development

UX Research

UX Design

Conversation Design

Sprint Master


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