Restaurant Menu with Notion

Jul 29, 2021 7:24 AM
Restaurant menu with Notion

Thinking of how to set up a safe and contactless restaurant order ? 🤔

The answer is simple, replace the menu with a QR Code Menu with Notion ! Here it is QR code menus for your restaurant. Click Here for Download

It is already clear that coronavirus can spread by touching contaminated surfaces. This puts establishments such as your restaurant in the spot as most of the surface is shared by different people every day. While cleaning and disinfecting tables and bars is a good start. So how can you eliminate the sharing of physical menus between customers? 🍽

Our Feature 🎁

  • QR Menu for your lovely customer
  • Data based that link to the menu (able to import CSV to generate the menu)
  • Template button to generate new categories
  • Provide Link to generate the QR code

Start Your QR code menu now

See more picture here ! 📷


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