HR Chatbot

Mar 31, 2021 5:33 PM
UX Design + Dialog Flow Development

Create CHATBOT🤖 to reduce admin work in HR Department

[ This Project is unable to display the design and portfolio due to it is internal project for the bank]

Let’s start the project with the real pain point ⚠️

In the project , HR Department want to find the way to reduce the admin work. Most of their admin work is to answer the same question on the phone call such as medical expense

Our target for this project is employee in the company that account for ~5,000 people. The age start around 26 until 55 year old in the company. Therefore , we should concern the technology that able to use for all the people.

User Research🔬 is the key to success for develop project

As a UX Designer , I have to take the responsibility for conduct user research & create the dialog (Conversation Design) for this chatbot. Also support the development team to produce the DialogFlow Experience across the application.

I begin this project by finding the real HR Need. Yeah !! , that’s right HR because HR is my customer for this project so I begin my asking HR need to make sure that what is the real pain point for HR team. The result is hr team are unable to answer the question directly to the phone call because of security policy. Consequently, They have to schedule the appointment with the staff and let them come to HR department to make sure that it is the person who ask the private information.

After we get the real need for HR team , I would love to know staff side as well. To make this project work. We would have to make the HR team and Staff happy to use this product as well.

Roles & Responsibilities 📔

  • Design Information Architecture inside Chatbot
  • Create Conversation Design
  • Support developer to implement DialogFlow

Let’s jump into the project 🎨

After doing the research , I create another test with the user using card sorting analytic , to let the staff grouping and prioritise the information they think it is important.


As you can seen from the picture below , I create the green post it and then let the user try to mapping the data into group. Also name the group (Orange post it) to analyse user pattern

After I understand the user need next I create my site map using XMind and test with the team using Tree test method to make sure that information in the chatbot is in the right place.

Result 📈

  • Reduce more than 50% from total phone call that HR need to answer
  • Customer find that it create more satisfaction and account for 8.5 / 10